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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be Still

A rainbow arced across the dark clouds above the sunrise this morning. My wife pointed it out to me. I could have missed it. Ah, such a beautiful start to the day. So often I start with a sprint or a jolt, or, sad to say, a groan. But today began with a moment of beauty and stillness.

"Be still" prompts the Psalmist (Psalm 46:10). Then the 1974 pop tune by Mac Davis gave us "Stop and smell the roses." Counselors, self help gurus, and friends also echo the wisdom of our Designer, saying "slow down", "take it easy", "one thing at a time." All that counsel and help you'd think we'd be a culture of contemplatives, but not so.

Today I'm going to try to take this wisdom to heart. A little stillness. Some attentiveness to the gifts of life. A few deep breaths and a sticky note to remind myself to "be still," allowing others to help me make space for life.

So how do you keep space and sanity in your life?