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Saturday, March 5, 2016

What Matters? 3 Things!

Last night I watched the documentary When God Left the Building ,about the decline of church in America.  The story was familiar.  The statistics provided review.  And the question I've been asking myself lately was amplified.

What matters? (That's the question.): What matters to you?  What matters to me?  What matters to God?  Until we have these conversations it will be hard to go anywhere.

Here are three things that matter to me:

  1. God matters to me, and how I understand that reality is shifting.   
  2. Jesus matters to me and I find a renewed passion in living and loving like Jesus.  
  3. You matter to me, because the first two are true, because I believe community is valuable, because, in many cases, I like you.  (However, even when we don't like each other, you still matter to me.  Your opinion teaches me.  Your prickly places challenge me to learn the ways of love more deeply.  Your value to God makes you valuable to me.)

Right now I know those three matter.   There is so much I don't know about a changing world and a changing church.   I know I need your conversation to uncover the best way to focus on what matters.

What matters to you?  What do you think of the documentary When God Left the Building?   What do you want to talk about?   That matters to me.