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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Extra Grace Required People (AKA EGR's)

    Why does it still surprise me when people behave badly?  I know that my thoughts and opinions aren't held by everyone.  I know that we all have moments that we don't act the way we'd like to.  And yet,  when others fail to play nicely with others (especially me), I'm genuinely surprised.  (At least for a moment.)
     Here's how I see it.  I don't have a corner on the market of seeing things right or interpreting truth.   I believe that God has ultimate truth and yet a simple reading of the four Gospels of the bible tell me about four different perspectives on a truth that I hold near and dear.  Further, those four perspectives are not right or wrong, just different.  In fact, I'm glad for all four because I'm richer for having the different viewpoints.
     Now a moment of candor.  It does tick me off when I try to be gracious and I am still met with anger, or stubbornness, or unkindness.   Maybe it's me?  But, I think the world works a little better when we take time to value the gifts others bring;  when we take time to listen to one another; and when we debate ideas without blaming, calling names, and demonizing others.
     While admitting my surprise and frustration,  I can also say there's a part of me that's not surprised.   I have been taught to love everyone.  It's a way of life that I believe is important.  Everyone is equally loved by God.  So I've come to realize that I will have some Extra Grace Required (EGR) people in my life.  I'm also willing to admit that I may be someone else's EGR person.  I just hope we can discuss the struggle over dinner...that we can act with respect and kindness...that we can live love (even if we don't like each other much), and find some way we're both richer for the experience.
     How do you handle people who behave badly?  I'd really like to know.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learning New Skills

     Last night I published my first web site!  No applause please.  I did it because I live in an online, multimedia, in-the-moment world, and I want to stay fluent in the language.  I still value face to face relationships, live experiences, things that take time, and experiential living too.  But, I know that I can't freely share one meaningfully,  without understanding something about the other.
     The bible and history have taught me a lot about this adventure.  I remember how the apostle Paul said he was willing to become all things to all people so he could reach some.  I get that.  That's why I began a web site, I have a face book page, I text, and  I do many things that I never dreamed of, so I can be connected to other people's lives in meaningful ways.
     You see I'm on a mission to Live Love in real and meaningful ways.  Why?  Because I follow Jesus.  Why? Because it's the most comprehensive, meaningful, effective way to live that I've found.  And if I want to Live Love I'll have to use avenues that are important to others, as well as my own favorites.
     Well, next on my list is to check out the top of the music charts this week and maybe give a tweet!

FYI -- I'm currently sharing a series called "On A Mission."  (Feb 5,12,19)  If you'd like to listen to a little bit here's the podcast link.