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Friday, May 29, 2015

What Does Your Life Say?

    Who knows Jesus because of you?   I often wonder if I've fully allowed Jesus to take hold of me in ways that demonstrate God's life-changing power?  I hope so, but I still wonder?  How about your life?
    Talking with new pastors at New Birth UMC in Lebanon, I heard wonderful testimonies of changed lives.  Because of those stories being shared, others are saying, "I want to know this Jesus that has made such a difference in you!"  In this openness to God's transforming Spirit, new disciples are being made every week in Lebanon.  This is how a church grows.   God uses changed lives, to change lives, and change the world!
     "Go into all the world & make disciples" (Mt. 28:19), said Jesus.  It's an instruction to all who follow him, not just an option.  It's starts with letting God change us personally and celebrating that experience out loud!   10,000 Joy, Seeking to Live as a Friend of God, Dave