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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honest...to God & Me

   Honesty is much easier when it simply means tell no lies.  But honesty is less about speaking truth and more about seeking truth.  It includes enough reflection to be honest with myself about the stuff deep down and all around.  Then I can be more honest with God and with others.
     That's the Great Commandment from another vantage point, Love God, Love others.  It takes honesty.  Real, honest to God and to self, honesty.
     Honest isn't dumping every uncensored, unfiltered thought when I have it.   That's lack of love and undisciplined.  It takes less courage to dump, than it does trusting God's timing and grace to lovingly and reflectively engage another.
     Honest isn't trying to change, shame, blame, or coerce others with my ideas and beliefs.  That's unkind and untrusting.
     Honest isn't telling other people they are wrong, in order to save their soul.  That's bad communication.
     Honesty is loving, kind, reflective, confident, and humble.  It is patient, bearing with another through conversation, debate, play and resolution.  It doesn't have to win, and waits calmly for an opportunity to speak.  Honesty trusts that God is bigger than any situation and is in charge.  Honesty is in a caring relationship that doesn't give up and uses every available strategy to patiently love and persistently help.  It never seeks harm, entanglement or strife and will courageously endure with grace.
     Honesty would be a lot easier if it simply meant, "tell no lies,"  "share only facts."   But it's big.  It's God stuff.
     What dioes honesty look like to you?  What are your good and bad experiences with "honesty"?