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Monday, May 2, 2011

Apostle or Mutineer?

    What would you change about church?  What would make it better?  Richer?  More Welcoming?  More inviting?  More... whatever?  Who have you told?  (If you haven't told anyone, when are you planning to tell someone?)
     "Mutineers" is how someone recently told me about ideas and a passion to press forward in following Jesus.  "The mutineers are ready to meet and work."   I think they meant... no holds barred,  bold, risky, whatever-it-takes, outside-the-box faithfulness.  We're ready to be bold for Christ.
     I think the "mutineers" are tired of baby sitting a past that has lost it's Jesus passion.  I think they have seen a vision of how God wants us to live as Jesus' Body (that's what the bible calls the Church-- check out Ephesians 4 or 1 Corinthians 12).
    I think they have decided not to be held hostage by fears, the past, bullies, "what-ifs", and more.  They have decided to follow Jesus, no matter what!
    What a blessing to hear that from another disciple.  What a gift that this follower of the Way is willing to act on their passionate faith vision with love.   The scripture says "perfect love casts out fear" and mutineers (the bible calls them Apostles--people with bold vision and action for the future... spiritual entrepreneurs, if you like) are ready to live beyond fear with Jesus' life-giving love.
     Are you ready to be a "Mutineer"?  (er... apostle?)   Tell somebody.  Act with an infectious love.  Live boldly as a follower of Jesus, loving neighbor, stranger and enemy.  Let someone know about the mutiny that will change the world!
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