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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Change the World -- Community Garden

We're changing the world!  Yes, I know that sounds over the top.  But we are.  That's what making disciples is all about.  That's why I follow Jesus, because he is a world changer, a surpriser, a life-giver, a helper, a friend, a touch of the holy and divine.  Now, as a congregation, we're getting out of our building to share all that.  How?  We're planing a community garden to nourish, not just feed, the community.  Everyone can help!

Why now?  It's time.  We're learning as a faith community making it time.  We're holding hands with our sisters and brothers in the United Methodist Church Rethinking Church and working to Change the world, making it time--April 24th.

How about you?  Help us.  Join with us.  I can't grow a plant to save my soul, but I can cheer, schlep, talk, encourage, play with kids, tell a neighbor...I can be a helpful friend with an open heart.

I didn't plan this.  I simply asked if anyone had ideas for a Change the World project and this garden grew.  People joined in with offers of tools, muscle, plants, expertise....  The congregation jumped in with approval, participation and prayer.  Now everyone can jump in and be joined to this vine that God is growing. Follow us on Facebook if you like.

See you on the 24th, or any day for that matter.  I'm excited that God is changing the world!  How about you?  I'm in!  How about you?