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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make A Difference, Speak Up on Health Care

Health Care.  Why is it so hard to care for everyone?  I get the political tangle, but it does honestly seem like petulant pre-nap kids in a sandbox.  I get that it costs money, but healthy happy people are far better defense than more bombs and deployments.  I get that people with money and power have always felt threatened or felt entitled in relationship to the poor and the powerless, but that has seldom helped the world be a better place for all...just a better place for the wealthy and powerful.

I still think that "love your neighbor thing" is important. I still think that whatever you do to the poor, the other, the least of these determines your destiny and your character.  I still think justice is important, caring for those who are less able to care for themselves.  And I believe that God loves us all.

I'd  challenge you to get on board and make a difference in the world in a way that will help you, but indeed is far bigger than you.  Check out the John 10 10 Challenge, sign the letter, get involved.  Make a difference.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I love intersections of heart, mind and experience. This week I've stood at the intersection of continuing education, ongoing pastoral leadership, the biblical story and my own emotion filtered personality. I'm amazed at the hope I see and pleasantly surprised, and encouraged, that I'm finding renewed hope in unexpected places.

These moments of serendipitous renewal are why I love standing in these cross roads. In short: It's great fun to be surprised by God!

I am and have been wondering, how vitality and life can best be shared. At times I feel a tad confused and uncertain. On other legs of the journey I feel energized and optimistic. However, it's at the Divine intersections, bringing disparate life pieces together, that I get fired up all over again.

That's who I am. A person of curiosity, a follower of Jesus called to lead, a disciple still learning the Way, and one disposed to energetic joy. That said, I too am a believer who frequently wonders, wanders, waffles, and doubts. I am growing, playing, exploring, enjoying, fearing, repenting, changing...I'm still on the journey.

How about you? Are you still on a life-giving, faith demanding way? Are you open to the surprises?

I trust that together we will find ways that we encourage and support live, love and joy in God's way. I believe that an open conversation is food for the journey. That's all a part of who I am. What about you? Tell me about one of your intersections...