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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Church in the Dumpster

The Church in the Dumpster
The Church in the dumpster is there because we (meaning Christian congregations) put more energy in preserving what have rather than being who Jesus calls us to be.
The Church in the dumpster is there because when we serve with Love, everyone—no exceptions, we could reclaim a dumpster for our building and tradition and we could flourish.
The church is in the dumpster… does it describe what is or what could be?
“Love one another”,  “Love the stranger”, “Love your enemy,”  I hear Jesus say.
Then I listen to my sisters and brothers argue over entrances, dollars, preferences, traditions, and opinions without ever asking what following Jesus in this place would look like.  I hear too often hear ultimatums and too seldom here self-less love.  That feels harsh to write, and harsher to live.
The church is in the dumpster is my vision.  Yes, it’s in the low places, the hard places, the places I’m reluctant to go … the places Jesus hung out loving, and serving.  He did say, “The first will be last and the last first” so why is that so hard to apply to traditions, buildings, worship styles, habits and patterns?  (That’s a whole book!)
We could put a steeple on our dumpster and love people radically, serve people authentically, and walk with people humbly and grow a community of Jesus followers, a church.  Yet, when we preserve our buildings, preferences, traditions and habits, the church shrinks.   Anyone else getting the hint? What do you think?
10,000 Joys on the Journey, Dave the Wobbly Disciple of Jesus.

P.S.  I’m going to be thinking more about “The Radical Sayings of Jesus” over the next few weeks as I tell others Good News and invite us all to serve with love.  Tune in to the podcasts or join me in our gatherings for worship.
PSPS.  A colleague, Pastor Lynn Hackman,  wrote an interesting related blog post.