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Friday, January 22, 2016

Two Things, One Goal

I deeply desire to do two things for Jesus Christ in this world: 1) Make disciples -- people who commit their lives and learning to the way of Jesus Christ; 2) Make a difference -- feeding the hungry, clothing the naked....  Do you share this goal?
Making disciples and making a difference are things Jesus told me (and you) to do.  The Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20) says make disciples.  The Great Commandment (Mt.22:36-40) instructs disciples to Live Love for God and neighbor.  The Great Choice (Mt.25:35-40) reminds us that as we choose to care for the least of these we are choosing how we treat Jesus himself.
You and I know how to do this much of the time.  Making disciples is about modeling Jesus' love in our relationships, and being ready to invite others to "come and see" more about this life with Christ.  As a church we know being ready with a few tools and steps can make disciples and make a difference, such as:  1) loving welcome, 2) early connections to new friends, 3) opportunities to grow deeper in faith, 4) service opportunities for all, 5) leadership development plans, and 6) Being positive and grateful.
I know I am always learning how to effectively do all these things in a rapidly changing world.  So I'm working with SPRC in building a June, July, August Study and Renewal Plan for the Church to address Making Disciples and Making a Difference.  (Sometimes you'll hear me say it, Wesleyan Social Justice and Holiness/Piety--that's how we've stated it historically.)  This plan will involve some intentional preachers and conversations here at home.  It will involve me visiting many other places who are good examples of making a difference and making disciples (not just one or the other, but both).  It will call us to reflection and some rest time.
I already know there are many of you on board with the idea and the passion for disciple and difference making.  I'm excited by the prospect of renewing our work together for Jesus' love in this world.  I'm open to questions and conversations about details.
How do you bring disciple making and difference making together in this world?  How can we, as a church, learn from your experience?  What will help us better do both making disciples and making a difference for Jesus Christ?

            10,000 Joys on this Learning Adventure with Jesus, Pastor Dave

PS.  Here's the Personnel Committee (SPRC) announcement of a related Summer 2016 Study/Renewal leave plan