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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Insights Courage, Cowardice & Grace

I'm learning about grace right now as I follow the last day of Jesus' life and Peter's journey.  What I'm seeing is that Peter wanted to be honest, faithful, on mission and courageous.  He tried, showing up at Jesus' trial and mingling with the soldiers at the courtyard fire.  He fell short.

I'm thinking I might do the same.  I can see Peter's courage, and I can feel for his cowardice.  I too want to do many honest, faithful, on mission and courageous things.  I too fail.  I want to show my wife love with time and attention and yet I let my schedule get too busy.  I want to challenge those on the Way with me and yet I get to worrying about reactions, words, my own cost.  I want to love my kids and grandson in all the right ways, and yet I sometimes get caught up in my own agenda.  I want to follow Jesus too, and yet I hesitate, stumble, balk and whine, just when I thought I was past all that.

I'm learning to trust the power of a Love that is bigger than me and anything else, but I need help, grace, in that journey.  I'm learning to love others less selfishly, and I need help, grace, in that too.  I'm learning... well, lots is in process.  I wonder what you're learning these days?  Where do you find help?