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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6 Promises to Young Adults -- An Open Letter

Dear Friends,  I want you at the table.  I'll admit that I don't always know how to say that well. I humbly ask for your help.   Let's talk!

This letter took shape in my mind from an impulse, "I want to encourage Young Adults to Vote!"  Sitting down to write, I realized I was thinking of something far bigger than simply voting. Voting is only one small piece of exercising your vision in this world.

We share a future, and in that unfolding season my time of leadership is setting while yours is rising.  I need to lift you up and make space at the head of the table, if I am to lead responsibly.  I'm interested in your ideas, partnership and directions.  My deepest wish is to be an advocate for you; to be an cheerleader for you; and if you desire, a mentor for you.

As a pastor, I could frame my hope of passing the mantel, and for strong community, with the stories and convictions of  my faith.  Indeed that's my personal foundation.   But, I don't need to share my faith in order to offer my hope and invitation.  I can just as easily call to you from a framework of vital community, making the point with best practices from many disciplines.  My interest is not based on you agreeing with me!  No matter how I slice it, your voice is necessary.  Without you in the conversation around the table, the future is dim.

Here are my commitments and intentions:

  1. I'll listen to you.  (And if you think I'm not listening, I want you to tell me.)
  2. I'll honestly share my thoughts, especially if you ask.
  3. I'll be as transparently me, as I know how.
  4. I'll give you genuine encouragement and feedback.
  5. I'll get it wrong sometimes.  When I mess up, I will make amends.
  6. I will welcome your help on all these things and more.

When I was in my twenties, I remember serving on an regional education team that generously mentored me. Within two years, that group risked inviting me into leadership as chairperson. Looking back, I could not have filled that responsibility well without support and encouragement.   I am deeply grateful for that trust, model, and mentoring.  I am richer for it.

I seek to share that gift offered to me, not because I want you to do what I prefer, or to vote for the candidate that I like.  My wish is to celebrate your gifts.  I desire your participation, listening, and leadership. I have a responsibility to you, helping you to accomplish important and world sustaining things. I'd love to hear your insights and ideas.

So... I thought I'd start by asking.  Maybe we can pull up a chair for coffee or a meal and talk?  I'm looking forward to your reply.

10,000 Joys -- Dave Harris