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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I'm Following Jesus with Questions

Today I was listening to a Science Mike and Mike Gungor Lost & Found Podcast 1 & 2. (2 here).  I was reminded just how my faith in God is foundational for me, and yet so much of church, theology and what is raised up as Christianity in this time is, at the same time, open for discussion.  I found Science Mike's (his nickname)  axioms to offer intriguing perspectives for me as my faith grows and matures embracing God's Love and mystery.  

 Here they are:

  • Faith is AT LEAST a way to contextualize the human need for spirituality and find meaning in the face of mortality. EVEN IF this is all faith is, spiritual practice can be beneficial to cognition, emotional states, and culture.
  • God is AT LEAST the natural forces that created and sustain the Universe as experienced via a psychosocial model in human brains that naturally emerges from innate biases. EVEN IF that is a comprehensive definition for God, the pursuit of this personal, subjective experience can provide meaning, peace, and empathy for others.
  • Prayer is AT LEAST a form of meditation that encourages the development of healthy brain tissue, lowers stress, and can connect us to God. EVEN IF that is a comprehensive definition of prayer, the health and psychological benefits of prayer justify the discipline.
  • Sin is AT LEAST volitional action or inaction that violates one's own understanding of what is moral. Sin comes from the divergent impulses between our lower and higher brain functions and our evolution-driven tendency to do things that serve ourselves and our tribe. EVEN IF this is all sin is, it is destructive and threatens human flourishing.
  • The afterlife is AT LEAST the persistence of our physical matter in the ongoing life cycle on Earth, the memes we pass on to others with our lives, and the model of our unique neurological signature in the brains of those who knew us. EVEN IF this is all the afterlife is, the consequences of our actions persist beyond our death and our ethical considerations must consider a timeline beyond our death.
  • Salvation is AT LEAST the means by which humanity overcomes sin to produce human flourishing. EVEN IF this is all salvation is, spiritual and religious actions and beliefs that promote salvation are good for humankind.
  • Jesus is AT LEAST a man so connected to God that he was called the Son of God and the largest religious movement in human history is centered around his teachings. EVEN IF this is all Jesus is, following his teachings can promote peace, empathy, and genuine morality.
  • The Holy Spirit is AT LEAST the psychological and neurological components of God that allow God to be experienced as a personal force or agent. EVEN IF this is all the Holy Spirit is, God is more relatable and neurologically actionable when experienced this way.
  • The Church is AT LEAST the global community of people who choose to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. EVEN IF this is all the church is, the Church is still the largest body of spiritual scholarship, community, and faith practice in the world.
  • The Bible is AT LEAST a collection of books and writings assembled by the Church that chronicle a people group's experiences with, and understanding of, God over thousands of years. EVEN IF that is a comprehensive definition of the Bible, study of scripture is warranted to understand our culture and the way in which people come to know God.

I share these both as a window on my faith and in deep interest for how these work or don't work from your perspective.  

I find these axioms more on the At Least side to resonate and find I go further.  For you they might be more helpful on the Even If side.  And perhaps you can challenge my thinking as you push back for more or less.  It is in the conversation that we all grow.

 In this Christian season of examining our lives of faith, Lent--getting ready for Easter, I find myself reflecting.  What are you thinking?

P.S. My explorations and sharing are all a part of asking myself, not only why my faith in Jesus is important to me (and what it looks like), but also how or if it holds value for others.  I have friends and acquaintances who come from questioning places and I genuinely want to listen, understand and explore.  Thank you all for being a part of my life.