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Friday, September 4, 2009

Doubts & Delights

Whether it's the dictionary or the web I get side-tracked by interesting things on my way to the goal. That's how I ended up on a Buddhist's site, an atheist's site and overhearing a few other blogged conversations.

Doubts and defensiveness caught my attention, as I read, and those same emotions sparked my own reflection. First the doubts and defensiveness of authors explaining either the errors or evils of Christianity drew my eye. (I am a Christian, but not of the TV, intolerant, sort.) Second, and more significant it was the thoughts that began to churn up in me.

I'm reminded again that doubts come with the territory of believing. Mostly, because I don't have all the answers, or the perfect explanations, nor am I even interested in that most of the time. I follow Jesus because it's the absolute best path I know.

I'm not here to undo your path. I'm here to be honest about mine. I think it has a lot to offer. I know that if you scrutinize my mistakes or the mistakes of others who have walked as followers of the Way, that any skilled rhetorician, philosopher, or mean-spirited critic can find fault. But, I'm not looking for fault (I hope I'm not). I am looking for light, hope, love...a powerful way to live.

So on with the doubts and the foibles and the conversations. Doubts sharpen understanding. Foibles sharpen graciousness. Conversations done well deepen trusting relationships.

Join me. What conversation would you like to have with someone who's willing to listen, devoid of all the answers, and interested in what you think?