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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make A Difference, Speak Up on Health Care

Health Care.  Why is it so hard to care for everyone?  I get the political tangle, but it does honestly seem like petulant pre-nap kids in a sandbox.  I get that it costs money, but healthy happy people are far better defense than more bombs and deployments.  I get that people with money and power have always felt threatened or felt entitled in relationship to the poor and the powerless, but that has seldom helped the world be a better place for all...just a better place for the wealthy and powerful.

I still think that "love your neighbor thing" is important. I still think that whatever you do to the poor, the other, the least of these determines your destiny and your character.  I still think justice is important, caring for those who are less able to care for themselves.  And I believe that God loves us all.

I'd  challenge you to get on board and make a difference in the world in a way that will help you, but indeed is far bigger than you.  Check out the John 10 10 Challenge, sign the letter, get involved.  Make a difference.

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