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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Backdoor to Thanksgiving

   Three deaths, a marathon schedule and strangely I find hope in all of that.  Why?
   For one, I proclaim my hope to others and it rubs off on me.
   Two, people are appreciative.  That's not always the case in the day to day stuff. 
   Three, put together the first two and it's easier to remember my call.  And...
   Four, watching PF 6:8 partner with Brush with Kindness, and Circles (both love in action projects close to my heart) have moments of public success is gratifying.  God does amazing things through regular people.
   All this gives me very easy access to thankfulness for Thanksgiving.  Thanks be to God.  That's the life I find following Jesus.  That's the source of my joy.
   Where do you find joy and a reason to give thanks?

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