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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beyond Discouragement... Me... I Believe...

     I found myself a bit discouraged and spent some prayer and reflective time seeking to understand and adjust my path. What was revealed, or that I discovered (depending on your theological preference), was that I was not being true to who God had made me to be, who I truly am. In that insight and gift I jotted down what "I believe" as a marker of who I am. It's a work in progress...

  •  I believe in Living Love (God & Neighbor… like Jesus)
  • I believe God’s bottom line is Love not judgment.
  • I believe the Holy Spirit convicts, God judges and it’s my job to love.  I will claim loving and allow you to respond to your part.
  • I believe the Church is the Body of Christ (it’s about community).  I’ll be my part of the Body, and I’ll gladly help you with prayer, encouragement , &  equipment to be yours.
  • I believe we each are responsible for our gifts &  calling, and that together we’re responsible to be the Church…Loving & serving… great command & commission together.
  • I believe rest & play are part of God’s design & calling.  Less than that is brokenness, sin, & simply doesn't work very well.
  •   I believe Love is more powerful than any strategic plan & more attractive too.  I also believe that a gracious goal is good.
  • I believe that if I can’t speak with love I should pray until I can and so that I can…neither avoidance or aggression is loving.
  • I believe that if what I do isn't good news to outsiders and those hurting, I’m missing something vital.
  • I believe faith’s design is simple… Live Love.  We complicate it with fear, and I know that perfect love casts out fear.
  • I believe the bible is powerful—I take it very seriously.  I believe it is most powerful & true when I take it seriously & not literally.
  • I believe love & creativity have been the hallmarks of the Church in health, and that fear & control have been evident when we struggle.
  • I believe we owe the world no apology for Jesus’ Love and a big apology when we fail to live that love convincingly.
  • I believe God is big enough for us to love God & one another, even when we define the details differently.
  • I believe God loves everyone, no exceptions.
  • I believe I’m still growing and will express my faith differently tomorrow from how I have today.  That’s growth, not uncertainty!
  • I believe I’m as screwy and broken as the next person and always need God’s help, forgiveness & grace.  I need others as co-journeyers and co-adventurers in this faith expedition.
  • I believe that someone won’t like what I believe and that’s OK.  I’d love to hear your beliefs and talk over coffee.  If, however, you want to complain about my beliefs or attack them or me, please see your therapist first, not me! ;-)
  • You see I believe God made me, God loves me and God cares for me.  I believe that God has called me, the Church has confirmed that call and the Spirit is shaping me.  I believe I’m forgiven even when I don’t feel that way.
     In short, I believe in living love. It is in this place I focus, I grow and I trust God.  
     How about you?

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