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Thursday, June 11, 2015


    If what I'm doing isn't getting the results I want, then what might I do differently?
         If I want more peace...
         If I want a more relaxed pace to life...
         If I want a deeper faith...
         If I want more people in church ...
         If I want a more fulfilling job...
          Add your own observations that lead to the question:  What might God be inviting me to do differently?
     Here at Palmyra First UMC
·         We wanted to touch more families, so we help all ages spend time together and intentionally learn together with Intergenerational Education this year.
·         We wanted to invite more people to depth of faith and friendship, so we're working to  expand the best biblical and practical tool  we know for doing that--Koinonia Groups (small groups).
·         We keep bumping into Christmas Eve schedule challenges, so our Worship planning team is planning a new way approach to help everyone.
Where would you like to invite God to work in fresh ways?

10,000 Joys Growing in God's Grace, Dave

P.S.  Here are 4 questions I came across & keep around to help...
  1. What opportunities do I have today and what am I doing with them?
  2. Is what I'm doing strengthening my ________? (life, mission, family, friends, work, church, health...)
  3. How am I building up others with love today?
  4. What gift am I discovering today... using... celebrating?

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