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Thursday, October 22, 2015

October is for discernment!  Discernment, according to Webster, is "the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently."  In this month we're seeking understanding in our finances, our congregation and in our directions.

In the "Enough" series we are seeking clarity about our God given resources and how best to use them.  We have begun thinking, studying and praying together about how to best serve God with what God has first given us.  This includes our financial commitments as well as our prayers, presence, service & witness.

For our Oct. 21st Charge Conference we're reflecting on what God has been doing among and through us in the past year and where God is leading in the year to come.  This involves reviewing the ABC's (Attendance, Buildings, Cash) but more importantly seeking out "God Moments," where we're seeing God at work, in our life together.

Finally, our Church Council has convened a Vision Team to think and pray together about 3 goal directions and offer insight.  This team has people from each service, all ages and they aren't already on Council.  When you read this they hope to have some preliminary recommendations for our Council as we set 2016 goals, helping us see where God is leading.

Possibly there is one more area... your own life.  Where are you seeking clarity?  Seeking God?  Seeking growth?  Seeking direction?  How can I hold you in prayer?  Share in a conversation?  Connect you with a Koinonia group to make the journey with you? 

God is always ready to help us discern and celebrate the holy.  Jesus makes the way for this to happen and the Spirit walks with us all.  May this be a time of great joy and discovery reflecting the love of Christ in your life. 

10,000 Joys Following Jesus, Dave

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