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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm Taking Jesus Off My To-Do List

Yes, you heard that right.  I am a United Methodist pastor taking Jesus off my to-do list, at least I'm trying.

Jesus never belonged there.  He belonged on my "to be" list and my "I believe" list but not my to-do list.  And yet I've had unabating Jesus to-do's:  Be more like Jesus today, learn more about Jesus this week, bring the church closer to Jesus this sermon, change someone's life for Jesus next encounter.  Then it hit me, or  the Spirit spoke to me, (read the language that helps you most) that the to-do's are not my job...they are God's work.

My job is to be the best Dave, that God made, that I can be.  My job is to be present and available. My job has tasks balanced with time to rest and grace.

I'm still learning.  Not new-information learning, but rather, take-it-to-heart learning.  I have a summer gift of Study-Renewal leave to help this sink in.  I'll have space to be Dave in relationships, in family, in quiet, in exploring, in rest, in everything!

I'm writing more about my adventure in the weeks ahead.  You're interaction is life-giving to me.

I'm beginning an enterprise in integrity, faith, leadership and joy.  It's with Jesus, as companion and guide, not task or requirement.

So, what's Jesus to you?

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