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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things Change!

I received a You Tube video on the exponential pace of change in life. (see it ) It ends with the question, "So what does it all mean?"

I don't figure I have the complete answer to that question. I do know that having a mission, a focus, a purpose, in life helps put that question in perspective. That life grounding reality has never changed.

Today I was reading a story about Jesus (Mark 10:35-45) that reinforced experience--life's not easy. That said, there's a counter-balance. It's name is purpose, or focus, or a mission. That, along with some help that's bigger than we are, can carry us through.

Here's my take on this story, my paraphrase, my thoughts...

Two students of The Teacher, James and John, ask for reserved seats of prestige and recognition. Jesus, asks, "are you willing to go through the tough stuff with me?"

They both say "yes!"

The Teacher, Jesus, replies, "Good! I can't promise you the recognition, but I can promise change and tough stuff."

Ain't that the truth! We can count on challenges with everything that changes.

Change...it's always been around. Foraging to stone tools, wood to iron, knives to guns, walking to space travel, typewriters to laptops...and that doesn't begin to get into relationships (now, relationships, there's a place of some changes!)

I don't think it will stop and that's OK! Things change. God doesn't change...purpose, mission, focus will craft a way through the growing, living landscape of change. Living Love (Think Love of God, love of neighbor and love of self--Matthew 22:36-40) is a dependable way, the way of The Teacher.

I can't speak for you, but I'm curious about what's next, even as I shy from change. I'm willing to play and create in the gifts of each new day, after I focus on the mission, the path, the way. I'm confident that with my purpose, with Living Love, and with the Way of The Teacher. All shall be well. No, better than well...exciting, joyous, adventurous!

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