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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission Complete...Almost

Steps, roofs, ramps & relationships were all built with joy and success!  We took pictures of the projects and people...not me, I'm not the photographer type, but check out http://www.pfumc.us/ in a few days for pics.  It's hard to take pictures of what God was really doing.

Let me tell you about Mrs. Bernice Bowen and Benjamin.  Bernice needed solid back steps and a front ramp so that at age 77 she could get in and out of the 700-800 square foot house in which she and her 9 brothers and sisters grew up.  Bernice was a joy to sit and talk with.  She alway had Maggie her 10 pound terrier at her side, usually sitting beside her atop the chest freezer in her living room.  Bernice shared freely of her home, her tools, her power and herself.  Her faith and story will stick in my memory.

Likewise her neighbor Benjamin, one of 7 with two preacher brothers and a preacher father.  Ben lent us a pick axe to get through the rough soil.  Sat and talked about bible, history and food while holding a large family bible on his lap.  Ben tended a large managerie of animals to "keep busy," and said "no reason for anyone 'round here to be hungry, 'les they want to, because in the summer there's fishing and crabs and shrimp," he said pointing to the casting net at his feet, "and in the rest of the year there's good huntin', squirrels and coons," he added with a smile of confident joy.

Could I say that with so few material possessions?  I don't know but I do know of the steps, roofs, ramps and relationships, it's the relationships that God is using to make me a little more compassionate, loving and trusting...like Jesus.

Come with us on our next project.  You can find the same gifts.

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