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Saturday, July 10, 2010

On a Mission

   I'm writing from Hillsville VA on route, with crew, to our annual mission trip outside of  Charleston SC.  Traveling is a transition for me from one kind of daily life and service to a week of different routines and service.  Transition often gives me a moment of uncertainty, and a feel of adventure.
   I'm also journeying through the Gospel of Luke.  Today chapters 7-10.  Jesus was always going from service to service.  The reception varied.  The power and purpose was always the same.
   I pray that my journey this week will embody the constancy of Jesus' power and purpose and that I can bring that home again.
  I may not get back to the internet while roofing and resting in a Sunday School room, but I will stop back to share the week. 
10,000 Joys in Christ as we all follow Jesus...Dave

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