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Friday, June 10, 2016

Family Rest, Sabbath Starts Study

A week of rest with family begins my study and renewal summer.  A great week with Penny, my son Jeremiah and his family.

I've noticed a sense of relaxation that doesn't  always happen in a week of typical vacation.  There is a freedom of schedule and task in not coming back to preaching the day after travel and leading a fully calendared week.

This week I've begun reading, again, Brian McLaren's "We Make the Road By Walking" as a devotional tool.  My previous look at this resource touched me and drew me to consider it as a tool to order preaching. I'll be sharing more of this great theological look at faith and scripture in a 21st century relevance mode.

A relaxing week also yielded some final travel plans, personal insights, and exercise.  What's God been doing in your week?

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