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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Study Renewal Journey Begins, First Video Message

Greetings All, The Study Renewal Journey Begins.  I'm setting out to visit ministries that are making disciples and making a difference in the community in:  Pittsburgh, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maryland/Washington DC.   I'll also be at our UMC Jurisdictional Conference in Lancaster.  Along the way I'll take some sabbath/rest time with family.  On the journey I'll be reflecting and praying.  Additionally, I'll be journaling and making notes.

FYI the pattern is I'll travel and then be home a bit, so if you see me at Turkey Hill don't be surprised.  It costs less to rest and write and pray at home.  Home also has the added benefit of family!

While I'm away The Rev. John Carter is serving as our summer visitation pastor.  Pastor John can be reached at (717) 228-1056.  He plans to do any routine visiting on Monday and Thursday.  The office can help you get ahold of John, and if you forget his number I will put it on the message of my office voice mail  (838-2551 ext.203).

10,000 Joys as we journey with the God of surprises this summer.  I can't wait to see and hear what God does among us!


  1. You are more than welcome to swing through Barboursville, WV and stay with us. We would love to see you! Be safe!

  2. Great to see you taking this time! One connection that comes to mind is Jeremy Graeff. He's one of our Ad Lib coaches, and is leading Ember Faith Community (https://www.facebook.com/emberfaithcommunity). If you look for the guy with the longest beard at conference this week, introduce yourself and enjoy a good chat!