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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

True Love, Trailers, and Truth

Penny and I picked up the Study Renewal adventure as she flew into Columbia South Carolina. That's true love, when your spouse flies in to join you on a study trip!  And we had great fun exploring the Savannah area, our Wesleyan history, as well as, our national history.

The trailer remained in a mysterious whirl of parts complexities, insurance conundrums, and personal patience exercise.  In short, we stayed in a motel in Savannah and bought a tent at Walmart to camp at the Wild Goose festival in Hot Springs, NC.  Finally, we drove home leaving the trailer at Camping World awaiting parts and repairs.

The truth is that this study snafu reflects life. Plans don't always...er... almost never, go exactly as expected.  Love, grace and faith offer the choice of how to respond.  How I respond, depends on how I practice.  I hope this adventure was an opportunity to practice love, grace and faith.  I could tell you, "Of course I was gracious, loving, and faithfully patient," but you'll have to ask those around me to get an honest and complete answer.

What I do know is that the God of Love is, was, and will be with me.  I do know that I made it everywhere I planned to go.  I do know that navigating the unexpected served as an invitation to grow and trust God.

What's your day held?

PS an update video coming soon.


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