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Monday, July 4, 2016

When Life Takes a Turn...Say Thank You!

    I was traveling on I-26, just barely across the South Carolina line, when a bee starting buzzing in my face.  One swat and I felt the brush of metal on my fender;  truck and trailer had swerved in into the center media guardrail just feet from the yellow line.  
    I pulled back toward the lane.  The combination of soft shoulder, incline, and bump of pavement, sent the trailer tilting and bouncing.  In the blink of an eye I wondered, "Can I keep this on the road?"  Thankfully, I did!
     Pulling off to the roadside, I discovered my passenger side trailer tire was gone, and the rim damaged.  A roadside help call and the wheel was replaced with a spare.  

    Heading down the road I became quickly aware something was still not right!  So, a bunch of stops, conversations, and insistence landed me at a Camping World for assessment.

     The verdict, a bent axle, among other lesser things.  The prognosis, as of this writing, is still up in the air, awaiting insurance adjusters, estimators, and schedulers to all chime in--interupted by a July 4th holiday

    Once the accident happened and the remedy set in motion, I went to pick up my bride, Penny, at the airport, to head to see John Wesley sites in Savannah and stay at Skidaway National Park in the trailer.  Oops! Regroup.

      In the mix I was overwhelmed at first.  Then I was a bit discouraged.  However with a bit of time I was able to give thanks for no injuries in what easily could have been worse.  I was grateful that Penny was joining me and I'd have company for some of the decisions.  I was rejoicing that I had resources to meet the needs--insurance, a credit card, a hotel and more.

    Reflecting, I'm reminded that few journeys that are worthwhile in life, go directly from point A to point B.  They almost always have some accidents, incidents and outright failures to go with the progress and success.  

    Watch for my next post that will have some "Easy Answers" and connections of failures to John Wesley's life and mission in Georgia.  Thank You for your prayers and support.  All is well.

10,000 Joys in Christ
Pastor, never swat bees and drive, Dave

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  1. Happy all is well and that Penny is there with you for a while. We miss you, but sounds like you'll have lots of interesting adventures.