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Sunday, October 2, 2022

UMC Questions

("UMC Questions" first published 9/16/2022 in "PS Update")

“See I’m making all things new”-Rev.21:5 

For I the Lord do not change.” -Mal.3:6a

       What’s up with those Methodists?  The answer is that churches & culture have grappled with some questions for decades. These conversations have reached a pivotal moment.

First—God is unchanging; God is love; God renews, & remakes things.  All of that is true for the United Methodist Church (UMC).  UMC core beliefs are not being changed.

I know that here at Cornwall Manor we are from many backgrounds.  I also know that UMC questions around sexuality, & interpreting scripture (the key issues at hand) are raising questions for United Methodists and they also ripple into conversations with neighbors.

Here is a word of information about all this.  The UMC continues to affirm & believe what it has for decades.  A new traditionalist denomination formed, the “Global Methodist Church” (as separate from the UMC), as a different voice in the conversation.  With that genesis comes the tacit query, “With whom do congregations & pastors align?”  In truth, UMC congregations can decide by doing nothing and their familiar church home will not be altered from the core beliefs or general governance.

Wow that’s a lot!  And that’s what’s up with those Methodists.  If you need details ask Chaplain Dave, he’s got histories (another here), Q&A’s, & more. Both of your chaplains are happy to talk further.

What I encourage for ALL engaged in any unsettling or difficult conversations, is to engage the other with the goal to better understand their thoughts & heart, before sharing yours.  When we converse to prove a point, to fix a position that we believe is wrong, or to attack, it helps no one & rarely changes anyone’s mind.  Additionally, it often polarizes further.

One thing I know (among the myriad that I don’t know), is that God’s got this.  I know we’re richer & happier when we learn about one another.   I know that hard topics don’t have to create losses of friends, security, or convictions. We can do this! Let’s talk.  Peace

Prayer-  Loving God, teach us how to love in our differences;  to build one another up in love; to learn from one another through love; & to seek redeeming ways in love. Amen.

 *Added after 1st publication -- Another resources  Proud to Be UMC--6 Adam Hamilton Videos

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