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Thursday, October 13, 2022

UMC Updates 10/14/2022

 UMC Updates    10/14/2022   first published in October PS. Update

If you are United Methodist, you may be aware that a conservative break-away group formed, the Global Methodist Church, in May 2022.   This, along with some inaccurate information in circulation, has prompted many questions, such as:

Q—“Do all UMC’s need to vote?”

A—No.  Right now there is no need to vote, unless a congregation is entertaining immediate disaffiliation(leave & either be independent or aligned with another denomination) from the UMC.

Q—Will the beliefs of the UMC change? (i.e. those in the historic creeds, such as, resurrection, or virgin birth.)

A—No. The only anticipated change is that the language about homosexuality, it will likely be adapted/removed/edited so that congregations & pastors will be able to follow conscience on this matter. (Historically true to the UMC pattern on issues with big disagreement.)

Q—What questions do you have?  

A—Ask and I'll see what I can find.   You may find more in the links below.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Adam Hamilton videos responding to the GMC’s Rob Renfroe, check it out here on #proudtobeUMC.  Here are links to  histories (another here), Q&A’s, & more. Thanks for reading.

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