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Sunday, July 22, 2012

All In

unday is a cross-cultural, deep-faith experience here in the Sea Islands territory, at Wesley UMC, Hollywood, SC.  These people bring all of life and all their energy to praising God and the sanctuary rocks holiness with music, participation and preaching.  More than that it's contagious.
     This week the congregation was celebrating their pastor's, Keith Hunter's,  three years of ministry here and his return for a fourth.  The District Superintendent preached about who's in and who's out.  And the reality of God's love, is that, through Jesus, everyone is in.
      The afternoon took us to Charleston, SC for a walk in the historic district and for dinner.  More relationships and "being" activity (I talked about those the past two days.).  Tomorrow begins the work and the primary work is being God's people showing the love of Jesus in practical ways.  A piece of that will show up in home repair.  The rest in caring conversation with families and cooperative work together as a mission team.
     Stay tuned for more. Right now I wonder how my faith is "all in?"  How is my life completely invested in life-changing Love?  How about yours?

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