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Friday, July 20, 2012

From the Road

Al driving, Rick navigating and me, unseen
photographer enjoying the ride.
      Traveling means a day of conversation and getting to know more about Al & Rick.  Traveling means lots of traffic, sitting and scenery.  Traveling means we're closer to our destination and never far from home, with two iphones and a droid.
       Hillsville, Virginia is our stopping place for the night.  That means dinner with the group at Applebees, with laughter, conversation and rain.  It means an amazing waiter, Troy,  with a memory gift.  He took orders for a table of 10, split the checks and got everything right including to whom the meals went.  It also means getting to know a little about everyone with fun, fellowship and time together.  That's a great foundation for a week of relationships and work.
      Given I'm starting my third month of weight watchers the day's highlight was fresh fruit at the motel (no points!) and a chance to Skype with my most prized relationship, my wife, Penny.
       A good day filled with the gifts of God.  What did your day hold?

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