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Monday, July 23, 2012

New & Good

here's always something new and good in the day,  that's just how God does things.  Today the team talked about "New & Good."  We found relationships with homeowners, and one another. We related about new experiences.  We shared about gifts in spite of challenges.  We told stories of a variety of gifts in the day, none fully anticipated, all good, and together, an abundance of treasure.
     Monday's on the mission trip often are slow and feel less productive than most of us like, because we're getting situated with supplies and tasks.  Monday's are frequently challenging because working with our hands in the heat is not the daily occupation for the majority of our team.  Monday's are sometimes tough as we puzzle out where the lost team left off and where we need to pick up.  And with all of those realities we found an extravagance of God-given gifts.
     Reflecting on this we connected to Exodus 25 and the Exodus in general as a mission trip.  Israel was on a mission and even had some building plans along the way.  We are on a mission trip of another kind, but both trips were missions from God and connected to all of life.  Both adventures had gifts.  Both journeys have times of challenge and ease.
      What mission are you on?  What is God doing on your mission?  In other words... what's New & Good?

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