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Friday, August 19, 2016

A Guide to Study Renewal

If you scroll back through posts here you'll find them all.  To share easily I thought I'd make a list.  What an amazing gift this adventure is, has been and will be!

Here You Go:

  1. Video Report 3 -- wrap ups and next steps
  2. Video Report 2 -- Bringing the hectic distance travel to a close.
  3. Video Report 1  -  Early Common Threads
  4. 3 Things My Grandkids Taught Me  -- About curiosity, trust and patience.
  5. I Talk to Myself -- Prayer's surprises and when prayer doesn't look like prayer.
  6. True Love, Trailers and Truth -- The accident, my wife's wonderful support, and some of the rest of the journey.
  7. One Step At A Time --  Failure, story and the roles they play.
  8. When Life Takes A Turn -- The bee, the trailer crunch and other times life doesn't turn out like we expect.
  9. Surprises and Invitations -- Gifts come from invitations, relationships and surprises.
  10. Love, Grace & Pancake Corndogs -- Early experiences and a "Place of Possibilities."
  11. Palmyra First Makes the News -- Some local coverage and links to first stops.
  12. Family Rest, Sabbath, starts Study -- Taking time to trust God and connect in fresh ways.
  13. Thanks & Prayers -- Appreciation for a great and supportive congregation at Palmyra First.
  14. The Study Renewal Journey Begins -- an introductory video and some basic info.
  15. The Journey Begins --  A few key document links
  16. I'm Taking Jesus Off My "To-Do" List --  Being and doing and our God-given lives.
There may be a few more, but this gives you the idea.

It's been an amazing journey and in these final weeks I'm reflecting, writing, resting and preparing for the adventure of conversation and next steps with the awesome people of Palmyra First UMC.

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