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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Everything's Important to God, Everything's Not Always Strategic in God's Kingdom

   "Everyone is important to God, everyone is not strategic."  -- Mike Slaughter.  That's my best recollection of a quote that's summarizing what I'm learning.  I might put it, "Everything is made by God and  equally important to God, however everything is not always equally strategic to God's Kingdom work right now."
    My passion is to share the love and joy I know in following Jesus.  I really can't imagine a meaningful life without that gift.  I want to share that passion with love and joy as well... gently, persistently, playfully.  It can make all the difference.
       Yesterday and today, learning with the Easum group, I'm reminded about priorities, accountability and how all that brings me back to the truth that everything is not equally strategic.  Not new, but hard when it means that tasks, visits, favorite programs and more may not receive my strategic attention even though they have value.
    My task, like my drive back to PA, is to choose a direction and stay focused.  What keeps you focused?  What gets you distracted?

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