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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Home

     It's good to be home after 3700+ miles from PA to OH to TX and back.  A wonderful adventure indeed, and yet family and familiar places bring a grounded, great feeling.  I was a little confused by the Oct 29 snow storm, but aside from a few extra snow tasks it was still all that makes home wonderful.  (That's my front and back yard, home in the snow!)
    I am reminded in my travels and return that I play a role in God's work and that I am not the whole of that work or the most important player.  PFUMC's services went on with passion and skill while I was gone. (Thanks David Walker, Band, choir, Tyler and so many other servants and faithful people.)  The neighbors hardly noticed I was absent. (I'd like to change that by connecting more.) My wife Penny, handled a new water heater, along with routine stuff, expertly and calmly without my presence. (Never a doubt, always mutual trust, and the love of my life!)
    Now indeed there were questions emailed and phoned my way.  Penny welcomed me home.  The neighbors greeted me with a friendly wave.  And there is much work awaiting my re-entry.  I have a place along with everyone else.  That's nice.  I like being part of something bigger and something that matters.  I like not being in charge of the world.
     Tomorrow I'm back to serving in the familiar ways, having served and been nourished on the road.  It's amazing to me how it all works together. I'm glad I'm a part of it all.
     Where do you fit into making the world a better place?  (Don't know, ask me questions and I'll gladly walk with you while you find your fit!)

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