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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Missional Community Following Jesus

   What does it look like to radically follow Jesus?
   Our little learning group spent several almost 3 hours talking about that tonight after a ten hour day learning from other followers who have instructive perspectives,  motivating experiences and practical experience living Love.
    Our thoughts about radically following include lives that are filled with acceptance, hope, love, service in ways that share life.  We talked about new friends we met who through service in a neighborhood gathered 400 new followers of Jesus in a little more than a year.  We dreamed dreams of focusing our lives with bringing people to life celebrations and growing ourselves and others in Koinonia groups, and serving with our God given passions and gifts.  We debated what ideas might be top priority and we agreed to support one another along the way and invite others on the journey.
     I know that nights like this are a true joy.  I love seeing God at work in our lives.  I value being able to share ideas and fears in a group that loves whether or not they agree.  I hunger for more people who know Jesus' love and joy in ways that give life.
    What does it look like to you, to radically follow Jesus?

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